Our Services

Protolog Systems Limited handles manly windows related development. Protolog covers the complete range related to windows programming, and hence able to supply complex robust solutions. Please contact us for more info.


Protolog has huge experience I drivers development. Protolog has the following expertise:

  • Communicating with hardware engineers
  • Experience in reading schematics and components data-sheets
  • Experience in various hardware like USB, HID devices, Network devices and more
  • Filter drivers from all kind, for adjusting existing drivers behavior.

Protolog uses Microsoft DDK for its development. All sources are opened und clear. There are no “Black boxes” which is essential to driver stability.

Custom made professional applications

Protolog can supply a complete application, tailored to the client needs. Some samples of things we did in this area are:

  • Firewall client application
  • Several medical equipment applications

Our main development tool is the .Net environment. Most of the development is done in c#, but special modules which requires efficiency and complexity together, are done in traditional C++, Usually with MFC.

Software components

Protolog has lots of experience in packing various technologies and functionalities into robust reusable components like ActiveX or .Net components. For example, we handled video processing components which are packed into an ActiveX and includes DirectShow based grabbing engine.


In the web development area, Protolog concentrates in the complex side of the systems. We handle complex systems, using .NET environment and MS SQL. We have experience in building client server based system using XML on HTTP protocol.

Database / Business applications

Among our service is the ability to build database based application. This is done mainly for the business community. A sample of a system we did in this area is a QA grading system for a high-tech company.

Complete systems

Protolog has the ability to supply complete systems, build using a combination of all the above technologies. The deep knowledge and experience in the above fields make our team the ideal development group, in all cases where several technologies must be combined.


Protolog can build and design a new GUI to your already existing application. With partnership with several graphics designer, we will transform you system into an exquisite up to date design

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If you have any questions regarding our products or services, please contact us by calling or e-mailing us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

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