Protolog systems limited was founded in 2004 in order to provide the highest Windows related engineering services. The company was founded by a team of east European engineers, which moved to Cyprus in order to be able to cover easily Europe and the Middle East. The company concentrates in supplying the most high skilled solution, for the Windows programming environment, beginning with drivers and low level programming, and ending with the most sophisticated applications. Each member of the team brought many years of experience in various fields. Together, we can cover and supply a complete solution, build from various technologies, and supplying the best and most efficient solutions to our clients.

A service company

As a Windows related company, Protolog adopted the .NET environment as its main development tool. As a guideline, we try to take the best from all available tools, and combine them together, for providing the best possible solution. The company handles projects in the following fields:





Business programs


Complex web application

And much moreā€¦

The vision

At Protolog systems, we firmly believe that our winning attitude to successful solutions is the foundation to our success and that our shared values help create that spirit. Honesty - with our clients and ourselves. Creativity - a constant shaping of a better future. Quality - a standard that is un-compromised. Teamwork - creating effective and positive work environments. Learning - ability to understand changes and successfully create new solutions. With these values, living by every person at Protolog systems, we are moving through rapidly changing technology to provide a standard for all of us to achieve.

Future Goals

Protolog Systems Limited, is a fast growing software company. Our professionalism and our most competitive prices, creates a fast growing demand for our services, which put us in a constant growing process. As our future goal, we see the ability to continue and supply the best possible services, and maintaining the point of view which guides us all the way: Our clients are our partners. Their success is our success. Contact us for more info

The team

All our employees are professionals with a formal academic training in their area of the expertise. All our team members have solid backgrounds in software technology, including the most up to date technologies.

Contact Us


If you have any questions regarding our products or services, please contact us by calling or e-mailing us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

Pavlimbais BLDG, 9 Stasinou ST. 6023, Larnaca, Cyprus
(357) 24620855